Dog Training

Dog Training

We can help you with resource guarding, alone training, and leash reactivity. And of course, polite dog behavior as well. We provide scientific, highly effective training for you as well as your dog. Let’s talk about your goals and challenges.

Full Day Training | $250 per day | We provide a relaxed and fun learning environment for your dog. We train in short sprints to maximize learning and socialization while playing the training games.

Half Day Training Package | $399 for three 1/2 day sessions | Bring your dog for a half day training sessions while you work. We shoot video and upload it to your own Dropbox folder along with training logs, and instructional materials. 

Private Training | $90 per session. Private training is available in-person or remotely. Work on any behavior issues, or training challenges.

Regardless of the service or program we design for you, the process is the same. We shoot video of as many of our training sessions as possible so that you can view them at your leisure and learn along with your dog. We also provide you with written training logs. We can tell you within any snapshot in time exactly how your dog’s learning is progressing.

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