Board and Train

Board and Train

We needed a new framework for board and train programs. One that supported owners during and after their dog’s stay.

Training Framework

Guided by scrum values, agile principles and cognitive science, we’ve developed a new framework for board and train programs. It’s iterative, transparent, and best of all, sustainable. There’s no backsliding in your dog’s behavior because you always have our framework to lean on.

What does this look like?

We don’t assume your dog will spend weeks at a time at Seattle Board and Train. We design custom programs for every dog. We experiment with what training exercises work best for your puppy or dog so we can develop the most efficient and effective training plan. Our training framework is modular so you can pick and choose a plan that works best for you.

We shoot video of as many of our training sessions as possible so that you can view them at your leisure and learn along with your dog. We also provide you with written training logs. We can tell you within any snapshot in time exactly how your dog’s learning is progressing.

Your dog stays with us Monday through Friday and goes back home with you on the weekends. This allows you to take your dog’s training out for a spin to discover what’s working for you and what isn’t. Then is back for another iteration until you feel your dog’s behavior meets or exceeds your expectations.

Full day training or overnight board a train is billed at the same rate. Some dogs benefit from being here 24×7, while other dogs learn best when they can spend the night at home. $250 per day.

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