Our puppy Tucker developed severe resource guarding that escalated to biting by the time he was 12 weeks old. We were so fearful for his future.

Christine has been amazing, she got to know and understand us and our puppy and developed an individualized training plan that has completely changed our dog. She adapted and tailored our plan based on Tucker’s successes and challenge areas and has worked with us closely through board and train and home/environment visits.

My husband and I are both health professionals who wanted an evidence based approach to our dog’s training that avoided classic dog training “myths”. Christine is an expert in the field who has trained extensively with animal behavorists that wrote the books on dog training and fear and aggression management.

I completely trust her science and methodology. Her communication and ability to teach us (the humans) has been unmatched and so important as we make changes in our behavior with our dog and our training style. Most importantly Christine has been an immense support during a very difficult time; she is compassionate and caring as well as  constantly available to us. She is truly invested in our shared end goal of a happy and safe dog that is a beloved member of our family. I cannot say enough good things about Christine and cannot recommend Seattle Board and Train highly enough! 

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